Using a Rust tutorial

There exists an interactive tutorial at While reading this tutorial, you will be able to take quizzes and to let annotations that can be re-read later on.

You will not have to read the full tutorial at this time. We suggest that you ensure that you understand the concepts (and pass the quizzes) in the following chapters:

Of course, you are invited to read more chapters and take more quizzes as the lecturers describe new Rust concepts.

If you want to do more

Another way to familiarize yourself with Rust programming is to use the rustlings repository and program. Start by installing the rustings program and clone the rustlings repository containing the exercises:

$ cargo install rustlings
$ git clone
$ cd rustlings
$ rustlings watch
The source for this exercise is in `exercises/intro/`. Have a look!
Going forward, the source of the exercises will always be in the success/failure output.


You can keep working on this exercise,
or jump into the next one by removing the `I AM NOT DONE` comment
[…waits forever…]

The latest command rustlings watch will watch your progress while editing the exercises in the exercises directory of the repository.

For example, following the instructions given by rustlings watch, edit the file exercises/intro/ with your favourite editor. As an exception, this exercise already compiles succesfully. All you have to do is remove the line // I AM NOT DONE so that rustlings watch will go to the next exercise in the series, exercises/intro/

This one will not compile. You have to edit the code so that it compiles successfully, then when you see that it does you can remove the // I AM NOT DONE line, and so on.

You can stop doing the exercises whenever you want (just stop the rustlings watch program). When you run rustlings watch again it will start from where you left off.